Digital Signal Processing Techniques Applied to GMSK Modem Design for Monitoring Applications

C. Benavente, F.J. Ortega, and J.M. Pardo (Spain)


Digital modem, GSM network, digital communications,digital modulation


This paper describes the architecture and subsystems involved in a system aimed to remotely monitor users. These subsystems are the platform hosting the application, the modem that communicates the application with the mobile network and the user's device, a current mobile phone with enhanced capabilities. One of the key subsystems is the modem, which interfaces with the mobile network. This paper describes technical issues of the adopted solution, describing its main components, the advantages over commercial solutions in this scenario. The modem is mainly conceived as a software subsystem that performs all the base-band operations. Digital solutions are proposed for the modulator and demodulator, including key operations as carrier and timing synchronization. The service is aimed to disabled and elderly citizens, but it may be used for other purposes, for example kids care.

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