Two-Trial Soft-Decision Decoding: To Invert or to Erase?

J.H. Weber (The Netherlands)


Coding and Modulation Techniques, Reliability Information, Soft-Decision Decoding, Erasures, Inversions.


Reliability-based soft-decision decoding of binary linear block codes of Hamming distance d is often performed by running multiple trials of a conventional algebraic de coder, preceded by either erasing or inverting unreliable received symbols. Celebrated decoding algorithms of this kind are the ones proposed by Forney, based on erasures, and by Chase, based on inversions, both using about d/2 trials. In this paper, decoding algorithms of extremely low complexity using only two trials are considered. The error-correction radii of methods using erasures and meth ods using inversions are compared. Furthermore, a hy brid method using both erasures and inversions is proposed, which is shown to be superior to methods using either only erasures or only inversions.

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