UMTS Protocol Development using Formal Languages

V. Morillo-Velarde, J. Colás, J. Poncela, B. Soret, and J.T. Entrambasaguas (Spain)


Telecommunications technology, SDL, communicationprotocols, UMTS Radio Access Network (UTRAN),Radio Link Control, Medium Access Control


Complexity is a key word in mobile systems and it has a direct impact on implementations, where the use of mid level languages such as C tends to create a set of modules hardly understandable by engineers not directly involved in the development. Formal visual languages such as SDL help improve the quality of the code, making easier the incorporation of new engineers into the teamwork; the maintenance of the code is also less costly with the help of automatic code generation tools. This work presents the implementation, in SDL, of the layer 2 of the UMTS Radio Access Network front-end (UTRAN). The architecture supports a multiprocessor environment, so that instances of cells can be distributed among the processors. Tests have been carried out to measure the efficiency of the implementation in widely used operating systems.

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