Array Beamforming in Multipath Environment by Exploitation of Higher-Order Cyclic Cumulant based DOA Estimation

H. Jiang, S.X. Wang, and H.J. Lu (PRC)


Smart antenna, beamforming, DOA estimation, multipath, cyclic Cumulant


Firstly, a higher order cyclic cumulant based direction-of arrival (DOA) estimation algorithm is presented to detect both of the signals of interests (SOIs) and the interferences from multipath environment via the choice of different cyclic frequencies. A cyclic cumulant-based forward-backward spatial smoothing (CC-FBSS) method is provided to solve rank-deficiency of conventional covariance matrix in DOA estimation for coherent signals. Based on the signal selective multipath DOA estimation results, we develop a DOA-based beamforming algorithm. Its optimum weights are determined to reduce the contributions of the interfering signals from directions other than the SOIs. The proposed method doesn't require a priori knowledge of the training sequence to adapt the weights, and can decrease the degradation in performance caused by coherent signals. Also it owns powerful signal-selectivity capability to remove interferences with different cycles from SOIs and suppress additive stationary noise and the Gaussian noise with unknown spatial content.

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