A Model Transformation Method for OWL-S to OPD

J. Liu, K. He, and B. Li (PRC)


Model Transformation, OWL-S, OPD


To bring the Internet to its full potential, the Web is moving towards intelligent Web Services. Although OWL S(OWL for Services) has been advanced for this purpose, either its approach disuniting intertwined structure and behavior within a system, or its tangled links make it difficult to understand and maintain consistency among multiple components. By transforming an OWL-S application into an OPD (Object Process Diagram), a single view synthesizing these aspects can be achieved, which facilitates understanding and consistency maintenance. Thus we define a transformation definition model(TDM) that guarantees practical model transformation. Based upon TDM, we define the rule set of transformation from OWL-S to OPD. For the sake of conciseness, we mainly discuss transformation of OWL-S' ServiceProfile. In the end, we implement this rule set and evaluate the practical competence of our work.

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