Detection of Unexpected Faults

J. Bila (Czech Republic)


Unexpected situations, Model of System of Faults, Hasse Diagram


The paper deals with the detection of situations which transfer information about unexpected phenomena (faults) by formal structure of known situations. Such situations are unidentifiable by standard Fault Diagnosis (FDI) system because the assignment ,,structural model of the situation semantic content of the situation" has been violated and works incorrectly. The paper establishes three essential classes of unexpected situations (UX, UX2 , UX3 ) and opens the problem of the detection of the secondary coded situations (UX3 ) mentioned above. Concept of special Model of System of Faults (MSF) is introduced. The original method of unexpected situation detection indicating a violation of a proper invariant of MSF is proposed. An application of the proposed detection method in function of an industrial monitoring system is introduced.

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