An Intelligent Agent for On-Line Economic Dispatch of Thermal Plants

F.M. Aslam, H.U. Jamal, and I. Baig (Pakistan)


Intelligent Agents, Coupled Expert Systems, Distributed Power System Operation


The contemporary centralized operation of electrical power systems concentrates more on stability issues than the disjoint economic operation. As a result, a lot of data generated by various entities is unable to participate in the short term operation. The economic operation of power systems is a kind of problem that requires several different agents from several different fields of expertise. [1, 2] Moreover the entities generating data are distributed over very vast areas. Web based distributed system operation employing intelligent agents has enough potential to overcome these difficulties.[1] This kind of operation would greatly reduce the dimensionality of the state space that is presently overwhelmed by combinatorial explosiveness. An Intelligent Agent based on coupled expert systems approach has been developed for On-Line Economic Dispatch of thermal units operating on multiple gas fuels. The complexity arises when different gases are mixed together by the plant engineer without knowledge of power control center. The resulting unknown parameters of the fuel mix drastically affect the economic dispatch process. This paper discusses the agent for sensing the changes in the fuel mix and for keeping the units always economically dispatched once a load demand is received from the control center.

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