Heuristic Cooperation to Speed Up the Constraint Satisfaction

N. Khayati, I. BenjaĆ¢far, and K. Ghedira (Tunisia)


CSP, Nogood Recording-Forward Checking (NR-FC), Cooperative AI Systems, Variable Ordering Heuristics, Multi-Agent Systems.


Constraint Satisfaction has received a great attention and a large number of algorithms have been designed to deal with. These algorithms are often equipped by some heuristics in order to speed up the search and improve the solution quality. This paper presents an algorithm based on several variable ordering heuristics in cooperation for the Constraint Satisfaction framework. This cooperation is insured through exchanging nogoods between different agents sharing a CSP and performing, each one, its own Nogood-Recording Forward Checking algorithm. Experimentations are realized on randomly generated problems in order to evaluate the cooperation.

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