Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing Applied to Two Dimensional Non-Guillotine Rectangular Cutting Problems

A. Soke and Z. Bingul (Turkey)


Genetic algorithm, Simulated annealing, Improved bottom left algorithm, Two dimensional non-guillotine rectangular cutting problems.


In this paper, genetic algorithm (GA) and simulated annealing (SA) with improved bottom left (BL) algorithm were applied to two dimensional non-guillotine rectangular cutting problems. The performance and efficiency of these algorithms on several test problems [1] were compared based on the trim loss values of these test problems. These test problems are grouped into two categories: five different test problems consisting of 17 individual rectangular pieces and one test problem consisting of 29 individual rectangular pieces on a main object limited with 200x200 unit field which has zero trim loss value. The influences of the GA parameters (population sizes, mutation rates, crossover techniques) and the SA parameters (cooling schedules, neighborhood moves, the possible number of neighborhood moves, different temperature values) on the solutions of these problems were examined by varying these parameters. For considering all solutions of the test problems, the hybrid GA produces much better results than the hybrid SA.

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