PEM Fuel Cell Model for System Simulation and Optimisation

S.S.H.U. Gamage, P.R. Palmer, and B. Lakeman (UK)


PEMFC modelling, simulation, optimisation, Distributedsystem


This paper presents a model of the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) suitable for system simulations. It is capable of modelling the transient behaviour and distributed nature of the cell. The model of the PEMFC is built up using discrete model elements representing subcomponents of the cell. Built in PSPICE and MATLAB/Simulink, the proposed model closely follows the physical layout of the actual cell. The interactions of chemical reactants, products and the main electrical circuit are represented in an electrochemically and physically accurate manner. The interactions include those of the water and protons, electrode-electrolyte charge double layer, reactant diffusion induced voltage drops and cross-over currents. The accurate and physically realistic scaling and modelling of cell stacks are presented, taking account of the distributed nature of the system . The model may be adapted to other types of fuel cells by taking account of the specific characteristics of the subcomponents of the cell. The proposed model can be employed for device optimisation with fast run times using physically meaningful parameters.

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