Simulator for Training Operators in Hydroelectric Minipower Stations

A.M. Macarulla-Arenaza, J.I. García-Quintanilla, J.L. López-Guntiñas, and E. Pinacho-Alonso (Spain)


Hydroelectric minipower station, modelling, simulator, training


This paper presents a simulator for training operators in hydroelectric minipower stations. Various models that allow simulation in different ways of operating a hydroelectric minipower station have been developed. In the same way a users interface has also been developed so the final program can be used to train future operators in this type of installations. Simulink® has been used to implement the mathematical system and the interface has been implemented with Matlab® in a way that the work is all integrated in only one program. Some standard models such as SymPowerSystems® of Matlab®, have also been used.

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