Modelling, Simulation and Identifications of Synchronous Generator Transfer Functions

E. Ceuca, S. Lungu, and M.I. Achim (Romania)


Transfer functions, synchronous generator, automotive


In this paper, a procedure for identifying the transfer functions of Park's dq-axis model of a synchronous generator has been developed for analyzing automotive charging systems. This application note focuses on one particular aspect of charging system design: alternator/regulator performance. This voltage regulated power system must operate satisfactorily under extreme transient conditions. Two of these transients, a load-dump condition (heavy electrical load switching with a disconnected battery), and an engine rapid crankshaft speed-up, are examined. It will be shown that the parameters of this model can be easily identified from standstill time-domain data. The validity of the theoretical model has been verified by comparing time-domain simulations with measurements taken from the direct-drive synchronous generator.

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