Two Proposed Models for the Numerical Study of the Treatment of Lake Eutrophication through Mechanical Aeration

M. Abdelwahed (Tunisia) and F. Dabaghi (France)


Two phase flow, Navier-Stokes, numerical simulation, eu trophication, F.E method, Characteristic method.


The treatment of eutrophized lake in arid and semi-arid ar eas is a priority since it concerns water, a scare resources in these areas. The dynamic aeration technique seems to be very interesting to treat this phenomena. The study of the generated two phase flow (water-air bubbles) by classical models leads to many difficulties. In this work, we suggest and compare two simplified models taking into account the aeration effect in the first hand through boundary condition and in the other hand through lumped two phase flow cor rection term. Both models are built on a finite element approximation combined to characteristic method. Numer ical experiments are then performed on a real 2D lake cross section.

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