ODE and DAE Solvers in Scicos Environment

M. Najafi, R. Nikoukhah (France), and S.L. Campbell (USA)


Numerical solver, Hybrid systems, DAE, Simulation soft ware


Scicos is a software environment for modeling and sim ulation of dynamical systems. The underlying formal ism in Scicos allows for modeling very general dynami cal systems: systems including continuous, discrete and event based behaviors. For the continuous part, Scicos uses standard ODE/DAE solvers which are controlled by Scicos simulator which also handles the discrete and event driven parts of the model. This control includes in particu lar proper management of the restarts, re-initializations and zero-crossings. This paper presents some of the problems and solutions implemented in Scicos, and discusses in par ticular modifications made in the ODE/DAE solvers.

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