Modeling and Controlling Decentralized Logistics Networks

W. Dangelmaier, H. Franke, B. Klöpper, and P. Scheideler (Germany)


Intelligent Transportation Systems, Petri-Nets, Multi Agent-System, Transportation control


Petri-nets are a suitable method to model and control the concurrent behaviour of transportation flows in a comprehensive transportation-scenario. Unfortunately Petri-Nets easily become very complex in describing just small scenarios. On the other side if petri-nets are modelled with a low complexity it cannot be guaranteed that each situation is defined unambiguously. So there is a risk that in those situations Petri-nets act (fire) randomly. Multi Agent Systems (MAS) do not know random decisions. However using MAS in scenarios with concurrent requests will cause a big effort of synchronisation. This paper uses Petri-nets to synchronize a decentral transport scenario with autonomous agents

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