Real-time Emulation of Induction Motor in FPGA using Floating Point Representation

R. Jastrzębski, O. Laakkonen, K. Rauma, J. Luukko, H. Sarén, and O. Pyrhönen (Finland)


Real-time emulation, FPGA, induction motor, floating point


Control system development of electrical drives requires extensive testing before applying in real conditions. Traditionally these tests are performed on motor drive models built in software simulation environments, which limits their speed and simulation time. This paper presents motor model implemented in FPGA and capable of running in real-time conditions. Our emulator uses hybrid floating-point fixed-point number representation. The described design includes VHDL library dedicated to a motor emulator, which contains arithmetic operations and conversion functions. Such approach allows simulating induction motors with different parameters and in different conditions without losing precision. The floating-point number representation also prevents overflow situations that have to be carefully examined in designs employing fixed-point representations.

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