The Reuse of Free-Form Surface Features: A Wavelet Approach

G. Amati, A. Liverani, and G. Caligiana (Italy)


Free-Form features reuse, multiresolution, wavelets, LOD.


The reuse of free-form surface features (FFF), created in different design sessions, is a growing research field in ge ometric modelling. The development of this research field will give important improvements in surface shape activi ties in modern CAD and CAID (Computer-aided Industrial Design) systems. Traditionally, the surface modelling soft ware has been founded on parametric definition of curves and surfaces (Splines and NURBS), giving to designers a great flexibility and power, but lacking in global shaping tools. Nowadays, the most exploited modelling commands are curve-constraining rules and control points repositioning: the first is very time-consuming, while the second is not global and may lead to a smooth-less surfaces. In this paper, we investigate on an application of Multires olution Analysis (MRA) theory in wavelets representation, to develop a innovative global shaping tool for free-form features reusing. The developed algorithm aims to over come the traditional control points description thanks to a wavelets coefficients representation of geometry features. The final result of this approach is to give the possibility in building a designer's own features library, which can be available in different modelling sessions, both improving surface quality and reducing time-consuming shaping pro cedures in product design development.

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