Analysis of Dry-type Smoothing Reactors using FEM. Application to Air Gap Length Calculation

J.A. Güemes Alonso (Spain)


Analysis, design, finite element method, modelling,simulation, smoothing reactors (electric).


In this paper, using the finite element method, by means of 3-D model solid, a symmetrical smoothing reactor is analyzed. Inductance, magnetic flux density and magnetic field intensity are calculated, and their results compared with those measured experimentally once the machine has been built. Moreover, the method herein developed is applied to the calculation of air gap lengths in terms of the desired current and inductance. The kind of reactor studied presents windings in both limbs and air gaps in the four corners (joint of limbs and yokes). The main contribution of this paper is the presentation of a method of industrial application for the determination of the air gap length in smoothing reactors.

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