The Continuous Part of the Modelling and Simulation Language TOOMS

N. Hallam and D. Benyamina (Malaysia)


continuous simulation, object-oriented,synchronisation between continuous objects, concurrentcontinuous objects.


Continuous Simulators have been designed to model a wide spectrum of continuous systems, ranging from specific to general-purpose systems. TOOMS, a part from being a "Mixed Simulator", approaches general purpose continuous systems by providing built-in commands, functions, and variables useful to the modelling task in a way that is similar to SLAM 1 . Furthermore, the inherent object-oriented design of the project TOOMS allows a very natural way of modular modelling , i.e., the modeller can come out with as many continuous objects as he/she intents to, thus reflecting and truly applying the tight natural similitude between object orientation and system modelling and simulation. Synchronisation between continuous objects is embedded in TOOMS itself, thus relieving the modeller from this cumbersome task.

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