A Model for Auto-focus using Location Detection based on Sound Localization

P. Porntrakoon, D. Kesrarat, and J. Daengdej (Thailand)


DOA, moving-microphone array model, angle direction, distance determination


Video conference systems have been widely used. A fix video camera shoots a scene is lacking in changes. There is a method that the computer-controlled camera shoots and finds sound source. Microphone arrays and distributed microphone arrays are used to localize the sound source based on time delay of arrival (TDOA). In order to minimize the error rate of TDOA, the distribution of two-element microphone arrays can be used to determine the location of sound. TDOA cannot determine the distance of the sound source if the start time of the sound is unknown. A method to determine the distance of the sound source is using a distributed moving microphone array. In this paper, we propose a model of distributed moving-microphone arrays based on TDOA that can determine the angle direction and distance of the sound source toward the video camera at the center of the model.

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