Reverse Engineering and CFD Analysis: A Case Study

M. Argento, S. Barone, F. Bianconi, P. Conti, and E. Rosati (Italy)


Reverse engineering, geometric modelling, aerodynamic analysis


This article describes a procedure based on reverse engineering and CFD analysis to numerically evaluate the aerodynamic performances of physical components. The case study is represented by the investigation of the aerodynamic behaviour of a racing car air-box. An existing air-box has been digitised using a proprietary system which enables the acquisition of a point cloud of the surface of the object. A procedure has been developed to obtain a CAD model suitable for CFD analysis from the raw 3D data. A computational fluid-dynamics analysis has been performed using the digital model. The procedure described in this paper can be easily extended to the reconstruction and the analysis of similar classes of shapes such as wings and profiles.

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