Modelling and Simulation of Particle Deposition in Centrifugal Filtration

K.-J. Hwang (Taiwan)


simulation, centrifugal filtration, particle deposition, particle size distribution


Particle depositions in centrifugal filtration under various rotating speeds are simulated using a Lagrangian-Eulerian model. The velocities of particle in a filter chamber are analyzed based on the hindered settling theory. The migration and deposition of particles are then simulated using Newton's second law of motion. The simulated results of particle concentration profiles in the filter chamber show that a uniform concentration exists in the middle region of the filter during the centrifugal filtration with a low rotating speed. The sedimentation effect of particles may result in a heterogeneous filter cake. Most large particles deposit in the region near the filter medium, while finer particles deposit near the cake surface. An increase in the rotating speed leads to a more homogeneous cake.

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