MARS Cryptography on Dynamic Reconfigurable Systems

H.B. Diab and M.A. Itani (Lebanon)


Cryptography, reconfigurable systems, performance analysis, MARS, information security.


This paper presents an emerging reconfigurable hardware that delivers flexible high performance for cryptographic algorithms. MorphoSys, a reconfigurable architecture that sustains implementations that can yield into equally or even better performance results than custom-hardware and yet preserves all the flexibility of general-purpose processors. With today's great demand for secure communications systems, networks and the Internet, there is a growing demand for real-time implementation of cryptographic algorithms. As a case study, this paper presents the mapping and performance analysis for one of the five AES finalists cryptographic algorithms: MARS. Being a complex and computationally demanding algorithm, it is well chosen to be mapped in order to test and evaluate on the MorphoSys dynamic reconfigurable computer (RC) system.

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