Bode's Maximum Available Feedback and Phase Margin

R. Mitchell (UK)


Feedback Systems, Bode diagrams, Asymptotic analysis.


`Maximum Available Feedback' is Bode's term for the highest possible loop gain over a given bandwidth, with specified stability margins, in a single loop feedback system. His work using asymptotic analysis allowed Bode to develop a methodology for achieving this. However, the actual system performance differs from that specified, due to the use of asymptotic approximations, and the author[2] has described how, for instance, the actual phase margin is often much lower than required when the bandwidth is high, and proposed novel modifications to the asymptotes to address the issue. This paper gives some new analysis of such systems, showing that the method also contravenes Bode's definition of phase margin, and shows how the author's modifications can be used for different amounts of bandwidth

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