Modelling and Simulation of Embedded Systems with RTCP-nets Modelling and Simulation of Embedded Systems with RTCP-nets

M. Szpyrka and T. Szmuc (Poland)


RTCP-nets, Real-Time Embedded Systems, modelling, simulation


The purpose of this paper is to present an example of a prac tical application of real-time coloured Petri nets. RTCP nets can be treated as a subclass of timed coloured Petri nets (CP-nets). Some modifications were introduced in or der to make the CP-nets more suitable for real-time systems modelling. One of the main advantages of the new nets is a simple algorithm (modelling patterns) for creating of real time software models. The models can be generated auto matically, reusing some parts (frameworks) created in the former steps of the development. This feature supports sys tematic verification of developed artefacts. The further ad vantage is a new time model that supports modelling con structions typical for concurrent programming, i.e. task pri orities, overtiming, etc. An informal introduction to RTCP-nets and some ap plications of such nets to modelling distributed communi cation systems are presented in the paper.

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