A New Model for Doublt Output Induction Generator with Two Rotor Circuits

M. Sedighizadeh and M. Kalantar (Iran)


-DOIG, Iterative seperation, Integral manifolds,Reduced order,


A technique is presented and confirmed for developing the computational efficiency in simulating double output induction generators with two rotor circuits where stator transients are to be included. Iterative decomposition is used to separate the fluxLinkage equations into decoupled fast and slow subsystems, after which the model order of the fast subsystems is reduced by neglecting the heavily damped fast transients caused by the second rotor circuit using integral manifolds theory. The two decoupled subsystems along with the equation for the very slowly changing slip constitute a three time-scale model for the machine which resulted in increasing computational speed. Finally , the proposed method of reduced order in this paper is compared with the other conventional methods and it is shown that this method is better than the other methods regarding simulation accuracy and speed.

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