Modeling of a Piezo-Actuated Positioning Stage based on Hysteresis Observer

C.-J. Lin and S.-R. Yang (Taiwan)


Hysteresis modeling, observer, tracking


The piezo-actuated positioning stages contain two parts: Piezo Electric Actuator (PEA) and positioning mechanism. The tracking control accuracy of the piezo actuated positioning stage is limited due to hysteretic nonlinearity of the PEA and friction behavior of the positioning mechanism. This loss in precision restricts the use of the piezo-actuated stage in ultra-high-precision optical system. This paper presents an inversion-based approach to compensate the nonlinearity of the PEA by the proposed hysteresis observer. To compensate the degrading of precision due to friction behavior of the positioning mechanism, a PI feedback controller with feed-forward controller based on the hysteresis observer is proposed to solve tracking problems with modelling uncertainties and external disturbances.

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