Availability Assessment for Performance Prediction in the Real Working Situation

M. Molan and G. Molan (Slovenia)


Availability assessment, QAA method, and AH model


Safe and stable operation of the complex system of a power plant depends on the availability of technological and human part of the system. Human behaviour in the real situation depends on self perceptions of actual availability. According to the research results in Slovenian power plants the level of actual availability is shaped by potential availability. Strong and significant connections between operators' actual availability and their performance in the field study in the control room were identified. The QAA questionnaire of actual availability was validated in power plants. The AH model theory was proved also in the complex system. Method for self estimation of actual availability QAA and AH models were identified as useful tools for evaluation and prediction of human stable behaviour and safe and stable operation of the system. QAA was validated as a tool for performance prediction and use in the real working situation. The method should be used in paper version or as a running program on intranet.

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