On New Concepts in Modelling the Man-Vehicle-Environment System

W. Choromanski and I. Grabarek (Poland)


ergonomics, driver-operator, modelling and simulations


The man-vehicle-environment system has been analysed in a number of experimental and theoretical studies. It would seem that only a comprehensive treatment of that system including the analysis of the interrelations between the individual subsystems can produce qualitatively new solutions. This paper is a continuation of the solutions contained in the publication [1]. Here, man is treated both as a decision-making centre or a complex vehicle steering system, and as a certain biomechanical structure characterised by specific mechanical properties. In the case of the former, the impact of destructors on man's behaviour is analysed based on Takagi-Sugeno-Tanga modelling. As for the latter, a certain concept is offered for synthesizing active seats based on measurements of vibrations on the driver's body.

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