Extrinsic Calibration of a Stereo Camera System Fulfilling Generalized Epipolar Constraints

T. Hanning, S. Graf, and G. Pisinger (Germany)


stereo calibration, camera distortion, generalized epipolar constraint


The easiest way to calibrate a system of two cameras as a stereo system is to calibrate each camera separately. However, the cameras of a stereo setup are not indepen dent, since they look at the same scene from different po sitions. Usually this connection is exploited to solve the correspondence problem by epipolar constraints obtained by the fundamental matrix. But the theoretical background of this concept depends on the projective nature of the pin hole camera model. Any distortion of the camera is usually not mentioned in the theoretic framework. In optical mea surement problems, this distortions can not be neglected. Therefore we define a generalized approach to the epipolar connection between two images and supply a way to cali brate a stereo camera setup which fulfills this generalized approach.

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