Real-Time-Intelligent System for Estimating the Strength of Lumber using X-Ray Image

A. Saravi, P.D. Lawrence, and F. Lam (Canada)


Modelling, Intelligent System, X-Ray Image, Lumber Grading, Strength Estimation, Real-Time,


A real-time-intelligent mechanics-based lumber grading system was developed to provide a better estimation of the strength of a board nondestructively in real-time. This system processed X-Ray-extracted geometric features (of 1080 boards that eventually underwent destructive strength testing) by using a physical model of lumber using a knowledgebased table (which is generated by an FEM model) to generate associated stress fields. The stress fields were then fed to a feature-extracting processor which produced a single strength predicting feature. By applying two different algorithms to a data base of more than 1000 boards, to estimate the strength of boards, a coefficient of determination of 0.4597, and 0.4763 were achieved for different algorithms respectively.

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