Face Extraction and Gender Determining Method using Thermography

S. Nishino, I. Sachiyo, and A. Matsuda (Japan)


Thermography, gender, man versus woman distinction,face extraction, foundation metabolic change, hormone,security


Man versus woman distinction is necessary to make security in certain places stronger and when various statistics on visitors are taken in locations such as commercial facilities and other such similar locations. The conventional method of man versus woman distinction is currently determined by using the person's appearance, the person's dress and in such cases, the way a person walks, the person's foot pressure, his or her hair type. But, these characteristics can be intentionally altered by human intervention or design. Thus, the proposed method suggests another method, getting the difference in the man and woman's characteristics by taking images of the heat distribution of the person's face by thermography. This is a man versus woman distinction based on a new conceptual idea. Consequently, this can then be used to distinguish a man from a woman even if the man turns himself into a woman intentionally (and vice versa). This method is possible, because it uses biometric authentication

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