Effect of Eye Localization on the MPEG-7 Face Recognition Descriptor

S. Cooray and B. Uscilowski (Ireland)


Face localization, face recognition, MPEG-7, facial featureextraction, skin detection


The performance analysis of a face recognition system based on the MPEG-7 Face Recognition descriptor is pre sented. The computation of the Face Recognition de scriptor is carried out on both automatically and manu ally extracted eye facial features, thereby illustrating the importance of accurate eye localization required in face recognition. An automatic facial feature extraction tech nique, which is based on the use of homogenous image re gions, is used to identify eye feature points relative to the mouth position in the image. The automatically extracted eye features are then used to compare the performance of face recognition against the manually extracted eye feature points. Experiments are carried out on the frontal face im ages taken from the Heinrich-Hertz Institute (HHI) MPEG 7 face database.

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