A Very Fast Adaptive Face Detection System

R. Séguier (France)


Human-computer Interaction, Face Localization.


In this article we will make a presentation of a real-time face detector which is robust in difficult conditions (bad camera color calibration and complex background) for em bedded systems (mobile phones, PDA's, laptop computers and game boy-like devices). Our system provides a reli able note qualifying the detection of the faces during the sequence. This note makes it possible to focus the attention of the detector on the shape, the color and the movement of the faces in order to be robust in difficult conditions. No a priori is made on the skin color, which is not the case of the usual fast face detectors. Our algorithm is executed in only 5ms on a generic computer, leaving thus 35ms by im age to carry out other treatments. Its genericity (C code, no specific hard or soft optimization) is illustrated by an implementation on a PALM (Sony Clie, Nx70-v) and Pen tium 4-2.6Ghz.

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