A Context- and User-Driven Configuration System for the Visualization of Structures in Knowledge Management

J.-T. Bähr, P. Dannenmann, D. Wagner, and H. Hagen (Germany)


Human-Computer Interaction, Knowledge-Management,Configuration System, Ontology


User specific presentation of information is an important factor in personal and organizational knowledge manage ment. Knowledge workers are very familiar with the struc tures on their workplace. It is easier for them to see in formation (e.g., query results) if it is related to their own structures. Information objects may be of very different form ranging from text documents to process models. Up to now visualizations are mostly hand tailored to specific problems. Visualization metaphors are hard-coded for the application. An adequate visualization for a knowledge worker adapts to the user's visualization needs in different situations, considers his context as well as his intention, and provides a customizable implementation of a number of visualization metaphors. We present a flexible configu ration system for problem-specific visualizations.

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