A Multiresolution Binning Algorithm to Analyse Neutron Spectroscopy Data

I. Bustinduy (UK), F.J. Bermejo, and G. Bordel (Spain)


Scientific and Mathematical Visualization, Data Treatment and Visualization, Volume Visualization, Information Vi sualization.


Volume modelling and visualization pose important chal lenges for scientific data handling. Neutron spectroscopy is an intensity-limited technique where efficient data cap ture is a must. Such requirements are usually met using wide angular coverage detectors. Such devices may gener ate several gigabytes of information produced for an indi vidual experiment, which needs to be handled within short lapses of time. This paper describes a technique for the construction of a volume model using information coming from differ ent levels of 'binning' resolutions to be applied to the raw (as measured) data. The technique which is adaptive in na ture provides an efficient representation of the information, allowing to explore in detail regions of the experimental 4D space where the sought data is concentrated.

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