Limited Spatial Access in JPEG2000 for Remote Image Editing

R. Rosenbaum and H. Schumann (Germany)


Image manipulation, Content exchange, Image transmis sion, JPEG2000


Accessing spatial regions for manipulation or display is one of the most frequently used tasks if working with raster im ages. While such an access can be easily accomplished if content is available in pixel representation, compressed image content is often understood as static and indivisible. With the advent of scalable compression schemes including JPEG2000, compressed images may be usefully accessed at reduced quality or resolution. Nevertheless, spatial ac cess can often be not limited to an independently encoded spatial region, in such a way as to enable them to manipu late the content without affecting adjacent regions. In this paper we are concerned with limited spatial access in raster images which have been compressed with the new image coding standard JPEG2000. We provide a compliant strategy to modify image content directly in JPEG2000-domain, and discuss their application in remote environments. The proposed approach saves computing power and bandwidth, and the resulting code-streams are fully compliant with the JPEG2000-specification.

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