Morphological λ-Reconstruction Applied to Restoration of Blotches in Old Films

V. Naranjo, Antonio Albiol, J.M. Mossi, and Alberto Albiol (Spain)


Blotch, Detection, Interpolation, Morphology, FilmRestoration


This paper presents a method useful for the detection and interpolation of blotches in old films. The main advan tage of this method is that it does not require motion esti mation, which is difficult to compute in noisy and degraded image sequences. Our method imposes a set of criteria which must be fulfilled for the possible blotches. These criteria are temporal-uncorrelation, and high contrast with respect to the background. We propose to make use of mor phological operators in order to establish the areas in need of restoration. We put forward the use of marker dilation and an operator called -reconstruction to detect areas of tempo ral uncorrelation. This is an intermediate method (tunable through the parameter) between previously reported tech niques such as temporal opening and temporal reconstruc tion opening. Its use renders our technique more versatile in the case of motion within a scene. To detect areas of high contrast we use the residue from the h-reconstruction operator. Furthermore, we show that the -reconstruction output operator can be used as an interpolation method for filling the damaged areas.

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