Image Acquisition from a Side Scan Sonar for Seabed Cartography: SeaScanSoft

J.L. Monteagudo Pereira, M.D. Lago Reguera, F. Martín Rodríguez, and X. Fernández Hermida (Spain)


Geographic information system, seabed mapping, imageresolution, image storing, side scan sonar, globalpositioning system.


Cartography has been extensively used in land applications but has very limited use in marine applications. In this paper, we describe a software designed to integrate two different sensors on a computer: GPS that gives geographical coordinates, as well as speed, time and date, and Side Scan Sonar which provides an image of the seabed. The software is to be used on a boat and deals with the data acquisition problem. The environment presents a real time seabed image to user.

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