Shape Modelling from Prototypical Solid using Silhouettes and Stripe Projection

J. Doi, W. Sato, Y. Miyamoto, M. Yamanaka, R. Sawada, and T. Miyake (Japan)


Surface Reconstruction, Shape modeling, Light stripe projection, Silhouettes, Visual hull


A robust procedure of 3D shape modeling for an object approximation is developed. A prototypical solid model is first prepared and then transferred to the model that approximates the shape of the object. Vertex geometry of the prototype is modified based on the multi-directional silhouettes and light stripe projection. Topology of the prototype is conserved throughout the process. Stable meshing and accurate shape approximation are achieved, starting from a simple model with desired meshes, for instance, from a cylinder with quadrilateral meshes. This eliminates the laborious modeling procedures and the complicated camera calibrations.

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