Adaptive Coding, Reconstruction and 3D Visualisation of Stereoscopic Image Data

U. Ahlvers, U. Zoelzer, and G. Heinrich (Germany)


3D visual data, disparity, stereoscopic coding, losslesscompression, interlaced image.


The reconstruction of 3D visual data from 2D images is an important task in image processing. For the estimation of depth in the scene, a stereoscopic image pair is necessary. When dealing with coding and transmission of such stereo scopic image data, single image coding is not suitable here. The disparity, i.e. the local displacements in the image pair, can be used for an efficient coding approach. To en sure good quality, lossless coding is applied and compared. In order to the specific content of the disparity map, com pression gains higher than factor 10 are achievable. At the receiver, the stereoscopic image pair can be reconstructed having only one original image and the disparity map. An interlaced image is produced to ensure the persistence of the 3D impression.

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