Fully Compatible JPEG2000 Algorithm for Image Retrieval in Compressed Domain

M. Aguzzi and M. Grazia Albanesi (Italy)


JPEG2000, wavelet transform, coefficient weighting, indexing, retrieval, database


Based upon the Java implementation recommended by the ISO Standard ( [1], [2]) this algorithm takes the results of image processing done by JPEG2000 (DWT) in order to build a retrieval index for them. The article overviews also the graphical user interface built upon the codec and the code written for making statistics about retrieval preci sion of the index method. Obtained results are compared with existing literature about indexing on compressed im ages and, more precisely, on JPEG2000. The main point is that present literature on JPEG2000 indexing works on un compressed images and mimes the behaviour of JPEG2000 performing DWT and extracting features: our approach works directly on wavelet coefficient produced by the en coding process and takes advantage of coeficient selection performed by the encoder.

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