Topological Active Volumes for Segmentation and Reconstruction using 3D-Edge Detectors

N. Barreira, M.G. Penedo, and C. Alonso-Montes (Spain)


medical image segmentation, 3D object extraction, surface reconstruction, active nets, active volumes, 3D edge detec tors.


This paper presents a new methodology for automatic 3D segmentation and shape reconstruction of bones from tomographic cross-sections. This methodology uses 3D edge detectors and the Topological Active Volumes (TAV) model. TAV model is based on deformable models, it is able to integrate the most representative characteristics of the region-based and boundary-based segmentation models and it also provides information about the topological prop erties of the inside of detected objects. This model has the ability to perform topological local changes in its structure during the adjustment phase in order to: obtain a specific adjustment to object's local singularities, find several ob jects in the scene and identify and delimit holes in detected structures.

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