Assessment, Validation, and Visualisation of Bony Changes in Crano-Facial Surgery

G. Wollny, F. Kruggel, T. Hierl, and J. Hendriks (Germany)


Image Processing and Analysis, Medical Imaging, Regis tration, Visualisation


Mid-facial distraction osteogenesis is a novel promising method to correct severe mid-facial hypoplasia and ret rognathia. Although aesthetic improvements are obvious, the analysis of three-dimensional bony changes created through distraction was impossible so far. Now, we present a tool chain employing voxel based registration and 3D vi sualisation to assess and analyse the structural changes in duced by the treatment based on the routinely acquired pre and post-operative CT images. A landmark based valida tion of the voxel-based registration provides measures to rate the obtained results. Application to real patient data demonstrates that this tool chain can help to get a better perception of the complex three dimensional deformations of the skull during treatment.

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