Hardware Accelerated, Interactive, Time Dynamic Volume Rendering

G. Reis and D. Wagner (Germany)


Volume Rendering, Time-Dynamic, Hardware Accelera tion, Shader Programming.


In this paper a new extremely fast version of a hard ware accelerated renderer for time-dynamic volumetric 32bit datasets is presented. The maximum internal spatial resolution is 128 128 128 voxels, whereas the external resolution can be chosen arbitrarily. The time resolution is about 26 frames per second given an image resolution of 400 400 pixels. The key point to render such high frame rates is the use two render passes of the fragment shader only. The shader is able to generate different types of visua lisation, namely direct volume rendering, opacity mapping and iso-surface extraction. The selection of the different visualisation methods is performed in real-time. Iso-values as well as the transfer functions can be altered in real-time too, while still keeping the frame rate. The use of nearest neighbour or trilinear interpolation of texture values does not affect the frame rate either. Even the two possible view definitions, namely orthogonal and perspective projection do not affect the frame rate.

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