Cell-Projection Parallel Volume Rendering with Early Ray Termination

M. Takayama, S.-I. Mori, Y. Shinomoto, M. Goshima, Y. Nakashima, and S. Tomita (Japan)


Volume Rendering, Unstructured Grid, Dynamic Load Bal ancing, Parallel Processing, Early Ray Termination, Cell Projection


A cell-projection parallel volume rendering system for un structured grid volume data is proposed in this paper. For this system, the modified early ray termination scheme is proposed to prune the cell-projection of invisible cell. In order to alleviate load imbalance due to view-dependency in scan-conversion and the dynamic behavior of early-ray termination, the authors also implement dynamic load bal ancing mechanism into their system. Preliminary evalua tion of this system shows the 4.32-times performance im provement compared to the system without early ray termi nation and dynamic load balancing.

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