Assessing the Neugebauer Colour Prediction Model for Ink-Jet Printed Ceramic Tiles

P. Latorre, G. Peris-Fajarnes (Spain), M. Mirmehdi, and B. Thomas (UK)


Colour Prediction Models, Neugebauer Model, Fuzzy C Means, PCA.


Ink-jet printing is a new area of development in the Ce ramic Tile industry for which Colour Prediction Models can be employed to predict the colour of a printed halftone design in terms of characteristics of the printing process. We apply K-Means and Fuzzy C-Means algorithms on dif ferent colour spaces with different metrics to segment mi croscopic images of printed dots on ceramic tiles, and to obtain the dot area percentage coverage of each ink. This information is used to verify the applicability of the Neuge bauer Colour Prediction Model for ink-jet printing. The segmentation quality is evaluated based on a groundtruth generated using principal component analysis.

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