A Common Component Framework for Large Scale Distributed Virtual Environment

Z.-Q. Cheng, S.-Y. Jin, G. Dang, T. Yang, and T. Wu (PRC)


Component framework, reuse, interoperability, Visualization, and distributed virtual environment


A Distributed Virtual Environment (DVE) simultaneously shares the virtual environment with multiple users. The majority of existing systems supporting DVE are based on monolithic architectures, making maintenance and software reuse difficult at best. It's essential to design DVE systems using the orient component technology. "DVECCF", a new common framework was built in the paper, which allows DVE developer to compose components offered in the core framework without having to redesign the whole architecture. Although having some similarities with other component framework for DVE, such as NPSNET-V, our reusable common framework has some significant differences: Its infrastructure is more extensible and interoperable, the data-collection interactive Agent interface is provided for non-HLA developers, and so on.

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