MPEG-4 Encoding of DAB Programs for Future Mobile Communication

N. Al-Najdawi, I. Duncumb, and E.A. Edirisinghe (UK)


Communications, MPEG-4 stream synchronization, DAB, A/V broadcasting


Traditional DAB receivers are able to receive text in addition to audio. Recently, few projects have been carried out to improve the DAB broadcasting services by incorporating the use of images. In this paper we use eXtensible MPEG-4 Textual (XMT) format, as a multimedia authoring tool, and propose a methodology for enabling the future generation mobile communication devices, fitted with MPEG-4 decoders to act as DAB receivers. We show that the proposed novel idea could revolutionize the use of both, mobile communication devices and DAB in the consumer electronic market. Further, the paper provides a detailed discussion on ways of synchronizing and transmitting different media streams over MPEG-4 channels.

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