From Digital Mock-Ups to Virtual Prototypes in the Aeronautic Industry

G. Drieux, J.-C. Léon, N. Chevassus, and F. Guillaume (France)


Digital Mock-Up, Virtual Prototype, Design, Data Treatment and Visualization, Virtual Reality.


Virtual Prototypes (VPs) are widely used in the aeronautic industry during product development. Each Virtual Reality application has specific visualization needs and thus specific requirements for the data. But despite a lot of work has been done on VPs, the question of the appropriate data to use for a given application and the way to generate them is not yet fully addressed. In this paper we analyze the preparation of VPs in an industrial context. The issue is not on model conversion between platforms and formats: data need to be transferred, modified and adapted according to the visualization and interaction needs. This preparation may involve tools acting on geometries and others on visual or logical information. However, various constraints stemming from the industrial context influence this process.

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